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Designed to support LEED® certification

We believe in creating beauty, not harming it. That’s why Daltile offers so many products and resources that can help you qualify for LEED® certification. We also offer unmatched a wealth of online tools that make it easier for you to determine how each one of our products can help achieve LEED® credits.

Our products are designed to help you earn LEED® credits in two of the six required categories:


Materials and Resource Credits

  • More than 97% of Daltile’s manufactured products contain pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled materials.
  • Our multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico provide the opportunity for our products and raw materials to be closer to more building projects, thus conserving fossil fuels required for transportation.

Visit Greenworks Resources to get detailed real-time information on Recycled Material Content and/or to see if your project is within a 500-mile radius of one of our manufacturing locations.


Indoor Environmental Quality Credits

  • Most tile glazes are water based and use minimal amounts of solvents. Once fired, the tile and glaze are completely fused and there is no possibility of emissions of any volatile gasses. 
  • Our manufactured tile products have been tested and are compliant with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Low-Emitting Material Standard.

Our site now allows architects and designers the ability to create and download project specific LEED® certification letters.

Find more information on LEED® for Home at or Or download the entire LEED® for Homes rating system here.

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