Greenworks / LEED Energy

Conserving Energy

Daltile lives for wonderful design. But we recognize that a bold redesign can be just as beautiful. By reevaluating our operations, we have dramatically reduced the energy we consume. As of today, we’re conserving enough to provide natural gas for over 6,000 homes and electricity for over 1,700 homes annually.

Daltile’s eight manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico provide the opportunity for our products and raw materials to be closer to more building projects, thus conserving fossil fuels required for transportation. In addition, we have several strategically placed Regional Distribution Centers and Sales Service Centers/Stone Showrooms across United States and Canada that allows us to maximize the volume of every truckload for the most efficient transportation our products. Further, a fuel saving device is being applied to reduce fuel consumption by 10%-20% and emissions by an average of 50%.

Additionally, our manufacturing operations use clean-burning natural gas as an energy source in all of our kilns, which minimizes air pollution. No fuel oils or coals are utilized. Manufacturing plants have reduced natural gas demand over 8% in the last two years.

Our holistic corporate approach to conservation has included innovative modifications to air compressor systems, installation of high efficiency lighting and office occupancy sensors, leading to a savings of over 18 million KWHr per year.