Inspiration and DIY Tiling Tips for the High-Tech Home



If you're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in home improvement and design, don't forget to check out the newest innovations in the world of tile. Recent advances in tile design can contribute to increased performance in your home. Plus, expanded choices of colors, shapes, and sizes give you more decorating versatility. High-tech tile advancements also demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly, sustainable manufacturing practices. Here are a few tiling tips to help enhance your high-tech home.

Choose Multisensory Tile

To increase the architectural interest of your room, consider a tile with Daltile's new Visual Imaging™ technology. It adds raised patterns and textures to tile that you can both see and feel. Incorporate this multisensory experience on your walls with a variety of tile patterns such as waves, brush strokes, and chevron designs. This new advancement adds visual depth and tactile beauty to your home, unlike anything you've previously experienced from a tile product. Try combining Visual Imaging™ technology to blue tiles for a beachy feel or to neutral tiles for a design that's versatile but still completely unique.

Features Showscape™ tiles incorporating Visual Imaging Technology™

Combine the Beauty of Natural Stone with the Durability of Porcelain

If you ask interior design experts for tiling tips, they may mention the use of natural elements in your home. Natural decor is all the rage among designers seeking to add warmth to a room. If you're torn between the beauty of natural stone and the water resistance of porcelain or ceramic, then tiles incorporating Reveal Imaging™ technology were made for you. This great technological advance in high-tech tiles, adds intricate colors and stone-like details to porcelain or ceramic tile surfaces. The results mimic the beauty of natural stone, and can be placed in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Features Ayers Rock™ tile with Reveal Imaging™

Stay On Trend With a Wood Look

The latest advances in photographic imaging allow for porcelain tile that looks just like wood.  It's a classic choice that seamlessly fits with almost any decor. Yet the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain tile surfaces cannot be overlooked. If you're a high-tech homeowner, you'll love the newest flooring innovation, which combines the rich elegance of hardwood with the durability of tile. The result is tile that looks like wood, which has quickly become one of the most popular new trends in flooring. If you pass these new wood-look porcelain tiles as you travel through a design center, you could potentially walk right by a display without even realizing the flooring isn't actually wood. That's how real these new tiles look.

So how does Daltile achieve such a realistic representation of wood on a tile surface? The tiles are shaped like wood planks rather than traditional square ceramic or porcelain floor tiles. The wood-look tiles are even available in fashionable wide-plank styles. A new true-edge technology is utilized to minimize grout lines. This true-edge design creates a more realistic wood floor appearance. Finally, digital imaging incorporates random color shading to produce a more natural look that's consistent with real hardwood. The final product is a floor that looks like hardwood but offers the high-performing attributes of porcelain.

Features Acacia Valley ™ wood-look porcelain tile

Choose from Expanded Color Choices

Color is often the first attribute you think about when decorating a room and a selection of contemporary colors makes a big difference in your design. Tiles are now available in many more shades than basic whites and neutrals. The wider array of colors can turn your floors and walls into a focal point, or allow you to complement the design scheme already in place by making a statement with a few bright accent pieces. From metallics to jewel tones, today's tile color options are virtually unlimited.

Recent technological advances in floor and wall tile products are aimed at bringing you a durable, easy-to-maintain product in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs. Revolutionary imaging technology brings you cutting-edge styles available in a multitude of beautiful color choices. On top of that, they are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. So are you ready to upgrade your high-tech home? Stop by a tile design center today to find out more tiling tips and see these new innovations for yourself.