Inspiration and DIY How to Feature Gold Granite Vanity Tops

Photo features Orange & White Gallery in 12 x 24 wall tile.

Photo features Orange & White Gallery in 12 x 24 wall tile.


How to Feature Gold Granite Vanity Tops

Granite vanity tops are a trendy bathroom staple, and they can bring even more richness to a design when they feature the color gold. While gold-styled decor is often associated with the lavish homes of royalty and celebrities, decorating with gold granite vanity tops can bring this elevated style to your home.

The surrounding details, such as flooring and backsplashes, work to bring the overall design together, whether you're aiming for a casual, contemporary, or high-class look. To successfully use a gold countertop within your design, twist and tweak the following style and color suggestions to make them your own.

Photo features Orange & White Gallery in 12 x 24 wall tile.

Work from the Floor Up

Even designs that revolve around gold granite vanity tops should start with the flooring. Choose a floor that anchors the room, highlights the gold-colored feature above, and sets the room's overall mood. If you're going for supreme richness, you can't go wrong with a white marble floor.

For a more casual look, consider using tile planks that resemble rustic wood. You can also go for an all-white design that consists of white porcelain tile flooring and walls to maximize the vanity top's opulent hue. These flooring options are all neutral enough to draw out a subtle golden or wheat hue in the vanity top.

Choose the Right Wall Color

When used within a design, the gold granite should upstage all surrounding colors. To make this happen, avoid bossy wall hues, such as red or bright green, and opt for a visually subdued, neutral wall color, such as tan, cream, or light brown. Keep the entire palette streamlined, and be sure to blend the wall's paint color into the tile surround and backsplash.

When choosing paint for the space, don't forget about the ceiling. The space isn't just the room's fifth wall, but it's a blank canvas for adding color. Why not cover it with a complementary gold-leaf wallpaper or metallic gold paint technique that plays off the exquisite vanity top below? Alternatively, go for a playful effect. If the vanity top contains just a little gold color, draw it out with contrasting pale blue, taupe, and almond wall tiles and warmly stained wood cabinetry.

Address the Backsplash and Surrounds

It's ideal to pair a golden countertop with a backsplash that's made from the same material, so consider placing the vanity's granite up the surrounding walls. And if you want a subtle difference between the vanity top and backsplash, or between the vanity and surrounds, look for a matched set, such as a New Venetian Gold slab top paired with a New Venetian Gold Blend mosaic wall backsplash.

Alternatively, you can create striking contrast along the gold vanity top by going with black or white granite tile for the backsplash or surrounds. Both black and white take a backseat to gold, amplifying its presence and letting it shine.

Mix Metals Correctly

Mixed metals may be a growing trend, but is this look an appropriate choice for bathrooms that feature golden granite vanity tops? The right answer depends on your personal style and preference. For example, if you're going for an ultimately rich design, use gold tones throughout the design, including hardware and light fixtures.

If you're after a more modern laid-back look, however, opt for a mix of metals throughout the design. Be sure to avoid cool silvery tones in favor of warmly colored fixtures and features, such as oil-rubbed bronze faucets and a copper-toned backsplash detail.

To add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom design, consider going with a gold vanity top. And when it comes to designing the rest of the space, use these tips to help guide you. You'll end up with a beautiful bathroom design you can use for many years to come.