Inspiration and DIY Accent Wall Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Photo features Veranda Tones in Zen Garden, Tones 13 x 20 field tile bordered by Pearl, Solid 13 x 20 field tile on the floor. Wall features Zen Garden, Tones 6-1/2 x 20 field tile and Pearl, Solid 6-1/2 x 6-1/2.

Photo features Veranda Tones in Zen Garden, Tones 13 x 20 field tile bordered by Pearl, Solid 13 x 20 field tile on the floor. Wall features Zen Garden, Tones 6-1/2 x 20 field tile and Pearl, Solid 6-1/2 x 6-1/2.


Accent Wall Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Decorating a kids' room is an exciting undertaking due to all the color, design, and material choices available. Rather than lock yourself into a permanent design though, you may wish to limit the bolder styles to just one accent wall in a bedroom or play area. Kids love bright, cheerful colors, but at some point they will grow up and you'll need to transition the space into something more mature. Accent walls are the best of both worlds because they allow you to add a pop of color to the room without needing to completely redesign the space later on. Keeping design flexibility in mind, here are some ideas for accent walls that will please both kids and adults.


Wall murals can depict a favorite theme or simply serve as a space for artistic expression. If you're unsure about a theme, try to incorporate your child's personality into the design. For example, if your son loves baseball, create a stadium on one wall and proudly display his favorite team's pennants. You can also build a castle scene with limestone tile or use wood-look tiles to bring an enchanted forest scene to life for your little princess. Other ideas include creating your child's favorite storybook characters, wall-sized world maps, or ocean scenes. Wall mural themes are only limited by your imagination.

As for future decorating, painted murals are easily covered when your child outgrows them. However, if you'd like to make your mural timeless, keep it simple by selecting only a few colors and adding neutral tiles. This will make it easier to refocus the room when your kids become teens and want their space to look cooler.

Bold Colors

Another way to bring personality to a kids' room is to add bold colors to an accent wall. If you ask your son or daughter to choose the shade, they'll most likely choose a color that's brighter than you'd like, but it will work well as an accent. One bright yellow or deep teal wall is often enough to keep your child happy, but will still allow the room to maintain an even flow with the rest of your home decor. To maximize natural light, glass mosaic tile is a great material for creating an accent wall without paint. The Color Wave glass mosaic series, for example, offers plenty of variety to choose from in terms of shapes and patterns. The series also includes a vibrant palette that ranges from reds to purples to deep blues, which are all guaranteed to satisfy your child's love of vibrant colors.

Photo features Color Wave 3 Block Random Mosaic in Evening Mixer.

Chalkboard Paint or Cork

Chalkboard paint is a decorating trend that works well in kids' play areas. It can be easily applied to walls and can be framed out with decorative tile accents to complete an artistic child's dream playroom. For extra functionality, try opting for magnetized chalkboard paint. Another alternative is to create an accent wall using cork. You can place it from wall to wall, or you can create a focal point by creating a bulletin board in the size and shape of your choosing.

Outline the cork with decorative tiles, such as the Glass Pebbles line, to add color and visual interest. The best part about using chalkboard paint and cork is that they can eventually be utilized as work or study spaces for your kids, and they offer plenty of space to hang school assignments, after-school schedules, and other important calendars and reminders.


Creating original wall patterns is another fun way to set your child's bedroom apart from the rest of your home. Rather than painting patterns, contrasting linear stripes made with the clean lines of colored subway tile will add a unique design element. The result is a stunning focal point that's still simple and clean. In kids' play areas, where paints, markers, and other crafts are frequently used, wall tile is an exceptional material choice because it's easy to clean up and requires low maintenance.


Texture is another element that can be used to create an accent wall that will be pleasing to both kids and adults. For a multisensory enhancement, try covering your accent wall with tile that features Visual Imaging technology. The Showscape line, for example, offers raised textures on bright-colored tile. Whether you choose vivid green, crisp blue, and even bright-red tile, these playful options are guaranteed to delight every generation.


Large-format wall panels in modern colors are another design option for your kids' playroom. For example, SlimLite porcelain panels can be applied to an accent wall to delineate a play area and separate it from other areas of an open floor plan. Large-format tiles offer colors and smooth patterns that will allow you to modernize your kids' bedroom and update the space as they grow.

Photo features Zen Garden, Tones 13 x 20 field tile bordered by Pearl, Solid 13 x 20 field tile on the floor. Wall features Zen Garden, Tones 6-1/2 x 20 field tile and Pearl, Solid 6-1/2 x 6-1/2.

Natural Look

Pallet walls add rustic charm to any room, including a child's bedroom. Rather than using real wood, consider going with a wood-look tile. The wood-look style adds natural serenity and charm to kids' rooms or play areas, but still transitions well as your babies grow into bigger kids. Plus, wood-look tiles blend the practicality of tile with the beautiful look of hardwood. For a distinctive look, consider the Season Wood line, which features a distressed wood appearance. Placed in a linear format on an accent wall, these large-format planks create an alluring visual that will draw in both kids and adults.

Shelves and Lighting

Shelving is an important accessory for kids' rooms. If your kids' play area lacks the space to display their favorite mementos and trophies, floating shelves can easily be added to your new accent wall. The shelving can be scattered in a random design or hung in a more structured pattern. Shelving can also help to break up a large space. Draw attention to the shelves by lining the edges with metallic tile in a hexagonal pattern.

In addition to shelves, accent lighting is another important feature in a kids' bedroom or play area. Ensure that the lighting is suitable for play activities. You may need to install additional overhead lighting or add kid-friendly lamps in addition to other fun decorative accents.

When you and your child design their bedroom or play area, you'll both need to be happy with the finished result. You'll also need to think about long-term design. As kids grow, their likes and dislikes change, and so do design trends. However, it's also important to capture a part of your kids' personality in their living spaces, which will give them their own space to come back to as long as you own your home.