Inspiration and DIY Get Creative with Border Tiles to Add Personal Touches around Your Home



If you're wondering how to jazz up your decor, you can make a bold or subdued statement by incorporating border tiles into your walls and floor. From contemporary glass and metal to traditional stone tiles, there's an endless array of possibilities for creating the home of your dreams. You can create a medley of intricately designed patterns to express your personality, or simply add a trendy, modern border to your room. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Create an Inspired Bathroom

Neutral-colored tiles in the bathroom may never go out of style, but adding border tiles is a great way to introduce color and intrigue to your surface, without having to do major renovations. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Create a border out of glass mosaic tiles that uses the same neutrals as the bathroom's ground tile. Run the border about one foot down from the ceiling around the entire bathroom, or keep it confined to the bath area.
  • Add a contrasting color or pattern. For instance, you could showcase exquisitely designed mosaic border tiles on your walls.
  • Spruce up your border design by flanking both sides with raised liner tiles that come in flat, bullnose, or rope designs.
  • Wrap a border tile design around the lower half of the bathroom walls.
  • Tie the room together with a floor border placed where the floor meets the wall, and wrap it around the room at this juncture. Or, in a larger bathroom, place a floor border around the room that's distanced a few inches away from the wall.

Veranda Solids Dune 13 x 13 field tile in a brick-joint pattern, and Dune 3-1/4 x 20 field tile in an interlocking pattern on the wall

Livening Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen isn't just for cooking. In fact, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Beautifully designed, trendy borders can make time spent in the kitchen much more enjoyable and even encourage your family to socialize there. You might try adding a touch of art to the backsplash with a simple border through the tile. Or, frame a section over the stove with a border design. There are lots of ways to get imaginative here.

Terra Antica Rosso 6 x 6 field tile, decorative border, and insert on the backsplash

Add Some Flair to Your Other Spaces

A contemporary border design within a marble or stone tiled floor in the entryway of your home will make an impression on any houseguest. If you want to make your entryway more inviting, try designing a special border just for this area. For example, you could use small one-inch square tiles to create a round frame design in the center of the floor, perhaps right below a chandelier.

If you're looking to spruce up the decor of your living room or family room, try cornering off the seating area with a border pattern, as if you're placing an area rug. Inside that border, use a different field tile than the surface of the rest of the room.

Border tiles can transform your home into a truly personal space, with unique touches throughout the tile work. Whether you choose ready-made patterns or your own custom designs, creating borders within a tile layout adds excitement, interest, and even elegance to a room.