Inspiration and DIY Glass Mosaic Tile: Tips and Ideas for Using It in Your Home

Photo features Serenade in Blue Grass on the fireplace.

Photo features Serenade in Blue Grass on the fireplace.


Glass Mosaic Tile: Tips and Ideas for Using It in Your Home

When you think of glass mosaic tile, you most likely think of a bold kitchen backsplash or a fancy tiled shower. However, while the kitchen and bathroom are perfect places for mosaics, you don't have to stop there. Whether you're creating a statement backsplash or a simple yet sophisticated border around a kitchen bar top, glass mosaics work in any room or space because of their versatility and ability to hold up to wear. Size is the secret weapon of glass mosaic tile, allowing it to function as both a stunning centerpiece or the perfect complementary accessory to a larger design. Here are a few tips and inspirational ideas for incorporating glass mosaics within your home.

Brighten Up Your Design

If you're looking to add a special glow to your design, glass mosaic tile may be the perfect element to do so. For example, the Glass Mosaics line is available in an array of colors that have been blended to create an opalescent look. These tiles are offered in both Venetian (molded) and Byzantine (hand-cut) styles, allowing you to achieve whatever your design goals may be. And for even more design flexibility, specially designed pieces and borders are also available.

Photo features Serenade in Blue Grass on the fireplace.

Similarly, the Jewel Tide mosaic wall tile brings the beautifully weathered feel of sea glass into your living space. With its shimmering hues and unique tumbled edge, these tiles look like they could have been collected from the incoming surf. Their gorgeous jewel-like appearance can work with any style. Combined with metallic accents, their weathered appearance creates a calming effect in any contemporary design. This line is offered in a beautiful range of color options. Use Jewel Tide as a backsplash, or as an accent wall, to add a natural, warm element to your overall design.

Unless you're planning on performing a complete renovation, you may need to work with existing design elements when adding color to brighten up your space. Luckily, glass mosaics add the right amount of color to a space without overwhelming it. For instance, if you have a modern combination of white furniture and stainless steel accent pieces, the addition of glass tile will add to the modern look without overwhelming the space. Consider adding an accent wall of green glass tile such as Soiree Nevis mosaic tile. You may notice that the stark white of the furniture fades a bit after adding cool blue or green glass tiles, which will help to make your glass mosaics the focal point of the room. You can then add even more emphasis to your unique wall design by installing soft lighting or a metal border to show off the beauty of your modern design piece.

Add Glass Mosaic Tile to Your Pool

Your outdoor space should be a beautiful oasis that you can relax by and enjoy. One of the most effective ways to accentuate the pristine water of your swimming pool, and create an overall calming effect, is to incorporate glass tile on the pool lining. This shimmer will not only be extremely appealing to the eye, but will help to provide texture and depth to your pool. Glass is also a versatile material in terms of working with other pool deck tile materials. You can also keep the mosaic theme going by adding decorative mosaic elements, such as a backsplash, inside your pool house. Your backyard area will flow as a cohesive, tile-inspired area of beauty.

If you're looking to add blue mosaics to your pool, check out the Uptown Glass line, which features varying shades of blue that will perfectly highlight the crystal-clear water and the sapphire sky. Elemental Glass is another line of mosaic tiles that features multiple bright and vibrant shades of blue. The metallic particles appear to shimmer when light shines on the tile. The resulting liquid reflections can either glisten with energetic drama or flow serenely to suit the mood, making this collection extremely versatile.

Photo features Uptown Glass in Pearl Blue on pool lining.

Mix Mosaics with Other Materials

If you love the look of glass mosaic tile, don't be afraid to mix it with other design materials. For example, a glass backsplash in your bathroom can be trimmed with smaller metallic tiles for a chic look, or with larger metallic tiles for an ultramodern border. Reclaimed wood also works well with mosaics, so don't be afraid to incorporate antique furniture alongside your mosaics.

Be creative with your design combinations, and remember that you are only limited by your own creativity. Don't feel forced to fit your glass mosaic elements into one particular design style. The key to pulling off a truly unique space is incorporating pieces that work well together without compromising the overall style you are trying to achieve.

Create a Calm Feel with Blue Glass Tile

If you're looking to create a calm, soothing ambiance in your home, blue glass mosaic tile is perfect for your space. Blue glass tile adds a sense of style and serenity to your home, whether you use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the patio. Keep in mind that different shades of blue tend to offer varying results. For instance, light blue-greens are considered tranquil like water, while a brilliant shade of turquoise is more dramatic, giving a space more energy.

If you're looking to add wow factor to your bathroom, consider adding a blue glass tile backsplash as the room's centerpiece. For instance, Egyptian Glass in Mediterranean will give you the same clean, vibrant look as the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. The shade of blue is stunning, and it will emit a subtle twinkle as the sunlight reflects off it throughout the day.

Whether you're looking to spruce up a wall in your kitchen, family room, or entryway, using glass mosaic tile in a creative way will add depth and dimension to your overall design. Glass mosaic tile is also versatile enough to be placed in any room—especially if you're considering adding bright, vibrant colors that reflect the incoming natural light. So think outside the box, and start making a plan to incorporate glass mosaics in unique ways throughout your home.