Inspiration and DIY Glass Mosaic Tile: Transform Your Decor Style from Drab to Fab

Photo features Daltile Jewel Tide in random mosaic pattern in Beach Pebble.


If you're looking to give your space an immediate face-lift, look no further than glass mosaic tile. It's available in a wide variety of colors that can be installed in a range of configurations. Mosaic tile is available in a variety of styles, including circles, squares, rectangles, and even shapes that resemble pebbles. Add to that a bevy of solid and blended colors and varied textures, and you have one of the most versatile tile options around. Whether you're going for an antique-inspired kitchen or a modern bathroom, glass mosaic tile is your answer when it comes to easily updating your space. Here are a few tips on how to give your space a face-lift with the help of glass mosaics.

Traditional Tile Designs That Create Familiar Looks

Want to make a traditional monochromatic backsplash pop? Add 1 x 1 inch glass mosaic tile to break up larger tile backsplashes or bath and shower surrounds. For example, you could add visual interest to 3 x 6 inch subway tile backsplash by inserting a contrasting horizontal line of glass mosaic tiles. A horizontal strip of mosaic tile provides the visual effect of elongating your backsplash and making a room appear larger.

Another option is to install single-color 1 x 1 glass mosaic tile in your bathroom or kitchen backsplash and counter tops. For example, Color Wave's Classic Solids offer a variety of clean, simple appearances for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living areas. You can create textural interest by using 1 x 1 inch tiles of the same color as the larger tiles used in your backsplash or countertops. This creates visual interest without the contrasting effect of different colors.

hoto features Daltile Circuit tile in Lento on bathroom walls. This tile provides a combination of shapes, sizes, and colors of tile in a contemporary design.

Shabby-Chic to Antiques: Glass Mosaic Tile That Enhances Your Style

Do you like to spend your weekends at flea markets or antique stores? Coordinate glass mosaic tiles with the upholstery and paint colors you've acquired to create a cozy custom look that accentuates your treasures. For example, consider Fashion Accents in Illumini Lake for the kitchen to accentuate your collection of copper pots. If you prefer a softer style to coordinate with the pale tones typical of shabby-chic furniture and accessories, select from white and cream tones such as Color Wave in Whipped Cream or Feather White. Coastal Keystones' Trade Wind Blend offers shades ranging from cream to tan. Accentuate bright or dark tones with cream and white, or complement the light tones of painted cabinetry and furniture.

Glass mosaic tile can also accentuate the rich wood tones found in antique furniture and cabinetry. Mosaic tile might coordinate well with the wood tones of your antique dining set, bar stools, or china cabinet, for example. Don't forget how well glass mosaic tiles can work in your master bath, too. If your master suite features painted white furniture or mahogany, try mosaic tile that coordinates it with your master bath.

Edgy Options for Bold Contemporary Style

If you want to go bolder, alternate vertical stripes of mosaic tile with another type of tile or stone material. Use a uniform installation of 1 x 1 inch glass mosaic for bathroom backsplashes, walls, and bath and shower surrounds, or create an accent wall with elongated glass mosaics such as Color Wave interlocking mosaic tiles. This type of tile features multiple horizontally oriented rectangular shapes in coordinating colors. Mosaic tiles are offered in varied shapes and colors in each sheet.

Random sizes and colors of tile can create a bold focal point for modern decor, such as the random block design of Coastal Keystones' Sunset Cove. To avoid creating too busy a look with random tile sizes, choose neutral tones that help ease the effect of multiple colors, shapes, and sizes of tile within a small space.

Glass mosaic tile can work well in rich or bright colors, too. For example, Egyptian Glass comes in a variety of blends within each sheet, and you can choose monochromatic or iridescent glass in different mosaic styles. Iridescent glass tile provides a jewel-like effect that adds rich dimensions when used both alone and as an accent with other types of tile.

One trendsetting contemporary mosaic tile option is Circuit, which features varied sizes and shapes of white or pale shades in Presto or varying shades of light to dark blue in Largo. Circuit is also available in neutral colors. Whether you prefer a neutral color palette or want to use bright colors to accent midcentury modern decor, glass mosaic tiles are a great choice for completing your home's contemporary look.

The Advantages of Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile offers the advantage of providing several colors or sizes of tile in one sheet. This eliminates the guesswork of measuring and placing several orders for each size and color of tile you need. Mosaic tile's 12 x 12 inch sheets with backing can save you time, too. You can keep individual sheets intact and install them as is, or you can cut the sheets according to your preferred design. This allows for design flexibility and increases mosaic tile's decorative potential.

Mosaic tile is typically small, measuring 1 x 1 inches, and the individual tiles are generally no larger than 2 x 2 inches. This allows the tile to provide just the right amount of dense color when used alone in your bathroom or kitchen, or intense coloration when used with other tiles for custom designs.

Mosaic tile sheets simplify the installation of multiple shapes and sizes of tile. For example, you don't have to worry about placing individual tiles in a consistent pattern. Because mosaic tiles typically come in 12 x 12 square sheets, the tiles are laid out for you in the perfect spacing configuration. Furthermore, variations in color, texture, and shapes found in mosaic tile can inspire creative possibilities that aren't limited by complicated tile selection and installation processes.

When you're ready to choose your glass mosaic tile, use online tools like Daltile's tile selector to help you estimate how much tile you'll need and to help you envision how your new, trendy mosaic tile selections will transform the look of your home.

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