Inspiration and DIY Home Decorating Ideas: 3 Marble Fireplace Surround Options


Home Decorating Ideas: 3 Marble Fireplace Surround Options

Marble fireplaces are not new, and they were particularly popular during the Victorian era. In the days before central heating, fireplaces were intended to keep bedrooms and living rooms warm during the winter. Today, they are still commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms, but fireplaces have become livelier conversation pieces that stem from more in-depth home decorating ideas. Fireplaces also often incorporate different types of marble surrounds to suit different design styles.

Marble is known for its heavy veining, and it comes in various shades and designs to suit any decor. Marble tile is a sophisticated material choice, and it will last a lifetime with the proper care. If you're ready to get started on your design, here are three home decorating ideas to help you create the perfect marble fireplace:

1. Go with Carrara Marble

Carrara marble, the same stone that was used for Michelangelo's David and the Parthenon in Italy, continues to be a popular decorating choice for fireplaces. Easily identified by its somewhat gray color, icy appearance and fine linear veining, this marble is now used more playfully. Instead of being used as a small fireplace surround, it's often used from the floor to the ceiling, turning a fireplace in a sitting room into a cool conversation piece.

Photo features Carrara White marble.

2. Consider Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is often confused with Carrara marble because they're both mostly gray and white. However, Calacatta marble has more prominent veining while the markings in Carrara marble are more subtle. Since Calacatta marble is rarer, it's considered more of a luxury stone.

Photo features Calacatta Gold marble.

Consider going with Calacatta Gold if you want a dramatic fireplace surround. You can install the tiles so that the veining matches the mitered corners in your living room. And for a more family-friendly look, use the Calacatta Gold option to create a contemporary surround and then soften the look with built-in benches. Keep the look soft with velvet cushions that pick up the gold hues from the stone.

3. Opt for Marble with No Veining

There are a number of types of marble available for your fireplace surround. For a less dramatic look, try going with a marble that has virtually no veining. While that might feel like a counterintuitive design choice, polished or honed Crema Marfil Classico marble might be ideal on a fireplace surround in a room with a lot of artwork on the walls or a fireplace that has intricate beveled wood edges. You might also try Crema Marfil Elegance or Bottecino Fiorito, which are both reminiscent of the frothy hues of an Italian espresso with a creamy swirl of milk.

Whether you choose the conventional Carrara marble or opt for a more eclectic option, it's difficult to go wrong with marble. Marble has been used in fireplaces for years, and it will continue to be used for centuries to come. By selecting marble tile, you've chosen a material that has a story to tell. What's more, it's a hearty stone that will hold its value for long time, while requiring minimal upkeep.