Inspiration and DIY Trends from the Big Apple: Flooring and Countertop

SlimLite™ Copper quartzite on the fireplace.

Photo features Daphne White



The country’s most fashionable designs show up first on the east coast, most specifically, New York City. What better place to find inspiration? You can find it all there—from retro to cutting-edge and classic elegance to urban contemporary.

Here are a few favorites for countertop and floor design to transform your kitchen or bathroom with Big Apple style.

Black Granite, White Granite
White, black, or both are still in high demand in design. And natural stone floors are no exception. NYC kitchens and bathrooms are increasingly using black or white granite in their design plans.

Daltile just introduced several black and white granite tiles. All natural granite has high variability so you won’t see pure black or white, but these new colors add depth and interest to a popular neutral background.

  • Silver Pearl, Charcoal Black, Galaxy Black, and Azul Platino all have dark backgrounds with grains of gray, brown, silver or blue
  • Sizes include contemporary rectangular shapes like 12 x 24 and large formats in 18 x 18 and 24 x 24 inches
  • Finishes available: flamed, polished, honed

Tan Brown and Absolute Black—favorite granite colors—expanded with additional sizes and finishes to meet demand for the contemporary, stylish kitchen and bathroom.

  • Cotton White, Azul Platino, Charcoal Black, Silver Pearl, and Chloe White are the newcomers to the granite lineup at Daltile
  • 12 x 12, 12 x 24, 18 x 18, and 24 x 24 sizes available
  • Flamed or polished finishes available

Waterfall Countertop Trend
The waterfall countertop showed up a few years ago after the novelty of the solid surface natural stone countertop wore off. What could be more natural than extending the beauty of a natural stone surface all the way to the floor? That’s exactly what waterfall countertops do.

After the slab countertop is installed, a second piece of stone slab is cut to the dimension of the width of the countertop and height from the floor to the counter. A mitered edge allows the two pieces to fit together for an almost seamless finish.

The effect is luxurious and showcases the beauty of the natural stone. It is most popular on the kitchen island, but can be installed at any cabinet end that has high visibility like bathroom vanities.

Modern Marble
Marble is timeless. It looks great in any setting with any design style. But even marble can get an update with different sizes and finishes. Daltile just expanded the marble series with popular large format tiles in 12 x 24, 18 x 18 and polished and honed finishes.

Daltile also introduced new colors in the Versailles pattern, which uses four different sized tiles and brings a contemporary NYC feel to your space. Versailles pattern creates interest on the floor that a grid or brickjoint pattern can't match. As of this spring, Daltile now offers five more marble tile colors:

  • Adour Crème comes in leather finish with a brushed edge and is a color exclusive to Daltile
  • Phaedra Cream is a great alternative to traditional Crema Marfil it comes with mesh backing in a leather finish and is also exclusive to Daltile
  • Meili Sand has a brushed edge, leather finish, and is similar to Italian Daino Real marble
  • Argun Gray is exclusive to Daltile and is one of the more uniform marbles available which makes it perfect for more contemporary styling
  • Tinos Gray is saturated with high-contrast color and high shade variation; it also has the leather finish and brushed edge
  • Daphne White is available in 12 x 12, 12 x 24, and 18 x 18 inch measurements; it is similar to Calacatta Gold

The marble series was expanded also include some new natural stone mosaics. These stylish new shapes make for sleek kitchens and baths in New York City. Get beyond the classic 1 x 1 square or even a 3 x 6 subway tile and try a shaped tile that adds distinction to your space.

  • Lantern shape comes in 2.5 inch size and polished finish
  • Wave shape is like a twisted raindrop in a polished finish that looks almost like a rope on the diagonal
  • Linear mosaics capitalize on the wildly popular rectangular shape in a smaller mosaic size

Honed Countertops
There have always been several finishes to choose from, but the only one in any real demand was polished—high-polish, actually. But these days polished is taking a backseat in the most fashionable kitchens of NYC. Honed is the hottest trend in finishes. A honed finish is achieved by the same method as polishing but ends just before that mirror shine happens. It achieves a smooth, soft, matte look.

A honed countertop blends a bit more into the overall design rather than standing out as the focus of the room like a polished countertop does. It makes the room feel more accessible and comfortable but retains the luxury of natural stone.

With new products from Daltile coming on the scene several times a year, you can be sure that you'll find the latest materials in trendy and fashionable shapes, sizes, and colors. Check out what's new this spring.

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