Inspiration and DIY Using Glass Mosaic Tile to Add Personality to Your Home

Photo features Endeavors Mystic on the backsplash.


Is your home in need of a style refresh? Infusing glass mosaic tile into your design is the perfect way to add some personality to your home. Glass tile is available in a variety of interesting shapes, sizes, and finishes, which guarantees a unique look. Whether you go for a monochromatic or multicolored pattern, glass tile is a gorgeous, versatile element to include in your design. Here are a few inspirational ideas.

Take It Up the Wall

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is to add mosaic tiles to the wall. This will complement a stone or ceramic tile floor well. For example, the City Lights mosaic tile in South Beach is the perfect choice for a stunning, tall kitchen backsplash. The beautiful sea-blue hues bring color and sophistication, and serve as a lustrous focal point in a kitchen that's graced with Earth-inspired ceramic tile floors. Whether you want to add a tile backsplash to your entire wall and counter, or you just want to tile a small square area, glass mosaic tile will add a special touch to your kitchen.

Photo features City Lights in South Beach 1/2 x 1/2 mosaic on the walls.

Use It As an Accent

If you're looking for a special accent that gives a pop of personality to a room, feature, or architectural element, consider adding glass mosaic tile to the space. When set against a monotone background, small bursts of color generate interest and texture, and the use of mosaic glass tile allows you to incorporate a wondrous combination of colors in a small area. For example, Egyptian Glass in Amber Medley consists of a trio of stunning colors—amber, purple, and green—and will add a special touch to a more simple tile design within a kitchen or bathroom. Whether it's placed randomly within a neutral tile, or used as a border, it will really take your project to the next level. Using bits of mosaic color on your shower surround or on the wall behind your bathtub are also beautiful ways to introduce glass mosaic tile into your decor.

Go All Out

If you're really into glass mosaic tile, why not cover an entire wall or household feature, such as the fireplace. One of the attractive characteristics of glass mosaic tiles is that they're not always square-shaped, which is usually the shape that comes to mind. It comes in many shapes and patterns, so you'll be able to find a product that is visually interesting and perfect for your space. Mosaic-covered walls in a family room are especially inviting and will give off a feeling of warmth and sophistication. Serenade mosaic tile in Blue Grass, for instance, offers a unique, marbled look in a wide range of natural shades of blue, brown, and gray. It would turn a drab wall into a piece of artwork.

Photo features Blue Grass on the fireplace.

Whether you choose a subtle or extravagant route for your glass mosaic tile adventure, you'll be adding a touch of your personality to your home. If you're unsure about what to do, start small. Then once you fall in love with your new addition, take the next step and go bold.